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Welcome to the Catalogue!

Here you will find data and other resources of interest for the research community.

In particular, the catalogue contains a list of 925-983-2582 and 5184682144 that are suitable for activities including 7122339248, web analytics, social network analysis, (506) 702-2915, human mobility analytics, social data.

All the products are accompanied with rich descriptions capturing general attributes, e.g. title and creator(s); accessibility properties, e.g. VA or TNA; technical properties, e.g. size and format; legal and ethical attributes, e.g. whether containing personal data; intellectual properties, e.g. licences. Catalogue statistics

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More about Types

  • Applications: applications are VREs offering dedicated high-performance access to a specific data analysis services or framework.
  • Datasets: datasets are research or industrial data, useful for experiments, which can made available with different degrees of access grants: free direct download, on request, or only by visiting the hosting site (Transactional Access).
  • Deliverables: deliverables are the public documents published by the project.
  • Experiments: experiments are the expression of a collaboration between SoBigData researchers and other users in order to explore a specific problem. The idea is to use experiments as global references which may be used in scientific and industrial papers and project.
  • Methods: methods resources are data analysis software which can either be provided “as downloadable software” or “as an executable procedure”. Read more...

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